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This type of magic is used to change a person, animal, or object into another form.

Shapeshifting- A magic that allows a sentient to change their body into that of a beast or another sentient form. In order to transform, it is required that the user has something of the form that he or she wishes to take.

Alchemy- It is often thought to be the basis for modern chemistry. Alchemy transforms one object into another using a transmutation circle. The object created must be of similar composition to the original object.

Transfiguration. This type of magic changes an object into a beast or vise versa. Like alchemy, the original form must be similar in composition to the changed form.
Let me just say this before people get annoyed with me... the idea of transmutation circles and equivalent exchange is NOT unique to Fullmetal Alchemist. It has been used in many different stories and in lore.
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