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Entry No. 1
    Finally, the Aether Engine is complete, and diagnostics show that the system is running smoothly. All we need to do now is input the WORLD DATA, and Project: NEW WORLD can begin. If our theories are correct, the Engine should begin its function instantaneously, and the WORLD DATA will become a self-sustaining miniature universe that expands and evolves separately from our own.
    There has been another debate on the ethics of artificially creating and maintaining an entirely new world. Some are of the opinion that “playing God” was what got us in this situation in the first place, and going through with the project would only lead to more trouble. Perhaps we are playing God, here. However, I will not sit idly by and watch the human race die out when a possible solution is at our fingertips.
    If this works, we could start over. With the Aether Engine and the DETERMINATION factor, any mistakes made could be quickly rectified. But I am getting ahead of myself. First, we have to wait and see how things pan out.

Entry No. 2
    Everything seems to be functioning properly. The DATA is running as we had predicted it would, for the most part. It has been interesting to watch entire nations rise and fall; an entire 1900 years of history has been created in a matter of days. We have slowed the program down to run in real time, now.
    My eye has been drawn to a particular area of the WORLD MAP, where a kingdom of humans has triumphed over creatures known as monsters. The monsters have been sealed under a mountain known as Ebott, and have begun making their home in a place the monster king has dubbed the Underground. I wonder how this will pan out?

Entry No. 3
    A group of monster scientists has caught my attention. Curiously, they have begun experimenting with DETERMINATION in hopes of breaking the barrier keeping the monsters trapped in the Underground. They have isolated the TRAIT from the human SOULs they managed to collect, and are injecting it into dying monsters. Of course, the monster’s bodies will be unable to handle the strain, and their experiments will end in failure.

Entry No. 4
    The scientists are now in the process of creating a vessel with which to contain the monster SOULs they vainly hope to harvest. I do have to admit that selecting a vessel which is neither human nor monster is quite clever, though. However, a flower seems like an odd choice.
    No matter. I believe it is almost time to activate the SAVE, LOAD, and RESET functions. Once I do so, the person with the highest DETERMINATION factor will immediately be able to make use of the TITLE SCREEN. I am not yet certain what the limitations of these functions will be, and how much power over the WORLD they will yield. But that is the reason for experimentation, is it not?

Entry No. 5
    The scientist known as W. D. Gaster could be a problem. He noticed the imminent flux of the WORLD’s timelines that the TITLE SCREEN functions will inevitably cause, and is planning to make a move to stop it. I have seen what this man can do, and it frightens me to think he might actually have the power to ruin the experiment before it can truly begin.
    Just this once, I will interfere and erase Gaster. I do not think it will be necessary to erase his oldest son, as well, but I will keep an eye on him nonetheless.

Entry No. 6
    It’s the flower.

Entry No. 7
    Interestingly, the flower has taken on the memories and personality of the late monster prince, who died on the soil in which the flower grew. It was quite confused, at first, but has quickly discovered how to use the TITLE SCREEN properly. It learned to SAVE before making important decisions, and to RESET when mistakes are made. This is far more fascinating than I had originally anticipated.

Entry No. 8
    The flower is becoming bored and apathetic. It has tried everything there is to do in the Underground, including genocide, of all things. At least now the flower seems content to let things be for a while. After several hundred RESETs, the timeline is finally moving forward again, and I think that it is high time to hand the WORLD’s reigns to someone else.
    A curious child with a red SOUL stumbled into the Underground today. I gave *** DETERMINATION factor a bit of a tweak, so it is now higher than that of the flower’s. This will be my final interference, so I hope the child is a fast learner. It would be a shame to terminate the experiment so soon.

Entry No. 9
    Activating the TITLE SCREEN functions may have been a mistake. The WORLD is becoming unstable due to the constant stopping and starting of timelines. If this continues, critical system failure is likely. I will not interfere again, however, and will merely continue to observe events as they occur naturally. Perhaps the problem will resolve itself if given enough time.

Entry No. 10
    I was aware that Gaster’s oldest son had somehow retained some memories of his father, but I didn’t know just how much of the data was actually left. He is using the instability caused by the flux of the timelines to claw his way out of the Void. Perhaps this is a good thing, though. If anyone in that WORLD could figure out how to make it stable again, it is Dr. W. D. Gaster.

Entry No. 11
    Gaster actually managed to piece himself together again. I had a feeling he would. Even other people’s memories of him seem to be slowly returning. This is quite interesting, indeed.

Entry No. 12
    The child destroyed the RESET button, at Gaster's prompting. Now that events are moving forward through an alpha timeline, the WORLD seems to be slowly regaining its equilibrium. I believe I have gathered enough data on the TITLE SCREEN functions and their flaws to move on to STAGE TWO of Project: NEW WORLD. The subjects should be arriving within the next few days.

Entry No. 13
    The WORLD is finally stable enough to send the subjects through the Gateway. There currently isn’t any way to get them back once they are in, but that is precisely why we chose orphans and street kids: no one will make a fuss about their sudden disappearances.

     STAGE TWO begins today. I hope for the sake of all humanity that it is a success.
Woot! The intro to Aethertale is finally finished!

I decided to write the prologue as a series of logbook entries in order adequately set up the premise for the Aethertale AU, but all of the upcoming chapters will be in standard narrative format. I hope you guys will have as much fun with this as I am!

Undertale and all of its characters belong to Toby Fox
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